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The concept of qualitative military edge for Israel in the regions in and surrounding the Middle East has been something that the United States has maintained for the tiny country. To continue this, the United States has discussed making the stealth F-35 a product exclusively sold to Israel.
Kids Addicted to Handhelds

I was speaking to a parent the other day and was a little surprised to hear her complain about how much time her kids were spending on their iPads and smartphones. She’s in her forties and talked about how much time she spent outside playing with friends instead of having
Edward Snowden Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been on the receiving end of a ton of criticism from people on the right, left, and everywhere in between over her decision to use a private server for her emails. To pour lemon juice into the wound, she’s even being ridiculed by government whistleblower Edward Snowden.
Spotify Privacy

As if knowing your location at any given time wasn’t enough, Spotify has taken it a step further by wanting to know if you’re walking, standing, or running, as well as gathering photos, media files and contact info. The information gathered may even be shared with third parties based upon

Those who walk often to get to work, class, or anywhere might be in better shape than the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to occasionally take a break and let something else do the walking for them. If that fits you, then the WalkCar might
Rubis Lamb Served to French

Lamb is a popular dish around the world and France is no stranger to the meat. However, they probably weren’t anticipating that the lamb they were eating recently might have had transparent skin that glowed in the dark like a jellyfish thanks to a mix up in the genetic modification
Microsoft and NASA are bringing augmented reality goggles to space

If you thought Microsoft’s HoloLens demonstration at E3 was impressive, wait until you hear what NASA has in mind for the device. Not that playing Minecraft or talking on Skype through augmented reality isn’t mind-bogglingly amazing, but considering how Microsoft and NASA are working together to bring the device to
The American military wants to use laser beams to dispose of explosives

With somewhere north of $500 billion in funding every year, it’s no surprise that the American military is responsible for creating some of the most advanced, futuristic technology known to man. The latest such technology, which is being developed jointly by the United States Air Force and Army, is a
Toshiba is working on encryption technology that’s impossible to crack

While the benefits of our increasingly digital and Internet-connected world are innumerable, so too are the downsides, the most obvious of which is the vulnerability of our information. Your information, my information, the government’s information, corporate information, every kind of information you can think of is vulnerable to hackers. Not
The Navy is paying Microsoft millions to keep updating Windows XP

Windows XP has been many people’s operating system of choice for more than a decade, with only Windows 7 surpassing it in market share. This is despite the fact that Windows XP was released almost fourteen years ago. It stands to reason that the operating system would have remained popular