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For a disease that can often be avoided through lifestyle changes, it’s a wonder that diabetes cases have quadrupled in less than four decades with numbers worldwide now reaching 400 million.

Last year, Maine’s Community Health Options made a profit from their Affordable Care Act’s public insurance exchange. They were notable because they were the only profitable co-op in the country. With losses this year that exceeded their gains last year, they have decided to suspend individual enrollment for 2016.
Rubis Lamb Served to French

Lamb is a popular dish around the world and France is no stranger to the meat. However, they probably weren’t anticipating that the lamb they were eating recently might have had transparent skin that glowed in the dark like a jellyfish thanks to a mix up in the genetic modification
Egg-Laying Hen Farm

Egg-laying hens have been the most heavily affected by the intense spread of the avian flu that has affected nearly 50 million chickens and turkeys since the outbreak began. Now, grocery stores are starting to limit the number of cartons of eggs that can be purchased by individuals to prevent
Human Genetic Manipulation

Just when you thought that the worst that scientists could do in genetics was make GMO-laden vegetables or two-headed snakes, a team in China has been able to manipulate the ultimate genome: that of humans. In a lab, they were able to alter a gene within a human embryo, something
New drug extends the lives of breast cancer patients by 16 months

A new drug that was developed by Roche has been found to extend the lives of patients with an aggressive form of breast cancer by an unprecedented amount of time, according to the Swiss company, a very positive move for Roche as patents on a key oncology drug approach expiry.
Toxic mine spill in Mexico has contaminated the Sonora River basin

Mexican authorities in the northern state of Sonora have issued a new alert of a toxic spill in the Sonora River basin from a copper mine that is operated by the mining giant, Grupo Mexico. The mine, located in Buenavista del Cobre, became flooded due to the heavy rains that
Angry mob attacks and kills 8 health workers in Ebola-afflicted Guinea

Eight officials and journalists who went to a remote village in Guinea to dispel rumors about the deadly Ebola outbreak that is terrorizing the region have been killed. According to a government spokesman, the delegation was attacked by an angry mob of rock-hurling locals who claimed that the delegation had
Recent poll shows most DC voters want to legalize marijuana

According to a recent poll, around 65% of voters in the District of Columbia are ready to support Initiative 71, which would allow adults who are of drinking age to possess up to two ounces of marijuana on their person at any time, and would allow them to cultivate up
Brazil is now capable of feeding itself according to the UN

Earlier this week, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization published a new report, called “The State of Food Insecurity in the World”, which highlights the current patterns and trends of food insecurity throughout the world and evaluates the effectiveness of government policies in combatting these issues. The publication gave