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Ben Carson Media Attacks

The purpose of left-wing media attack pieces is to highlight the worst in a Republican candidate in an effort to take them down a notch. In the case of Ben Carson and several others this election cycle, the voters have responded in the opposite way by supporting their candidates even

The contrast between the Democrat and Republican candidates couldn’t have been more obvious. While only one of the five candidates in the Democratic debate, James Webb, stated they did not support the Iran Deal and felt it was a sign of weakness, the others seemed to use the policy of
Saudi Arabia employs ISIS-style executions

Saudi Arabia has decided to blame over two dozen people for the Hajj fiasco that resulted in over 1,300 deaths in this year’s Mecca pilgrimage. The incident, the Saudi officials claim, put the government in a bad light.
Donald Trump in His Chair

Donald Trump has taken all of the attention. Donald Trump has set the pace. Donald Trump has exposed the weaknesses. Donald Trump has selected the direction that we’ll be traveling. In essence, Donald Trump has led the Republican Party to the point that it’s at now, which is a good
Kids Addicted to Handhelds

I was speaking to a parent the other day and was a little surprised to hear her complain about how much time her kids were spending on their iPads and smartphones. She’s in her forties and talked about how much time she spent outside playing with friends instead of having
Edward Snowden Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been on the receiving end of a ton of criticism from people on the right, left, and everywhere in between over her decision to use a private server for her emails. To pour lemon juice into the wound, she’s even being ridiculed by government whistleblower Edward Snowden.
Toyota's upcoming subcompact crossover

When you think of the terms “subcompact” and “crossover,” the thought that it could be mean is probably something that never crosses your mind. Add in the fact that the vehicle in question is a Toyota and you’re probably thinking it will be a tame little beast. You would be
Lebanon Trash Riots

Running a country is challenging regardless of how big or small the problems are. In the case of Lebanon, the problem seemed to be insignificant at first, but when the people are forced to be surrounded by garbage when the government fails to find a place to put it all,
Spotify Privacy

As if knowing your location at any given time wasn’t enough, Spotify has taken it a step further by wanting to know if you’re walking, standing, or running, as well as gathering photos, media files and contact info. The information gathered may even be shared with third parties based upon
David Stockman

Former OMB Director David Stockman is warning that the bottom is on the verge of dropping out for stocks in Wall Street. While the business sector seems to be pleased lately, the most recent reports may signify that President Ronald Reagan’s former adviser’s warning may be true. Is an economic