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Bring back the Ranger

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What ever happened to the Ford Ranger?  Unlike the GM twins of the Colorado and Canyon the Ranger did not get discontinued throughout the world, it did not take a break to develop new and better mid-sized truck technologies, instead it was discontinued for the US market even though it was and is still built for over 180 other markets in the world.  What makes it difficult to just bring back the Ford Ranger to the US market, even though it should be a US based product, is the fact that we put a 25% tax on foreign-built pickup trucks, even if they have our own nameplates on them.

The Ford Ranger was a top seller for many years when suddenly we no longer had the Ranger or the two models from GM.  When this happened the foreign models took over the midsized truck market and have done so for several years.  Now that GM has reentered the mix, it’s about time to see the Ford Ranger make its own comeback on US soil, but how will this take place and what will the new Ranger look like if in fact it does ever return to its home market?

First of all, the Ranger that is prowling the streets in many foreign lands is one of the most highly regarded off road vehicles you can find and enjoy.  As such, we will expect no less, but actually much more when the Ranger comes back, if it ever does.

To put that item to rest, the Ranger is expected to be back in production by 2018.  The plan is to move production of the Focus and C-Max to Mexico in order to allow the Michigan Assembly Plant to produce the new Ranger and therefore be a domestic product that doesn’t need to be taxed at the 25% rate.

What should we expect the new Ranger to look like and act like?  That is a good question.  Since Ford has developed the aluminum technology for its body structure and frame work the Ranger may just utilize some of these features as well.  On the other hand, the rugged and tough Ranger that we see elsewhere might be what we get here as well.  All I know is we should certainly rejoice, knowing another of our domestic brands is reentering the mid-sized truck market to give us some additional great choices.  The foreign models better step up or they just might become quickly replaced.

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