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US starts directly providing Kurdish forces in Iraq with weapons

The United States has started directly proving military weapons to the Kurdish forces in northern Iraq who are currently battling Islamic State militants. Previously, the United States had insisted on selling arms solely to the Iraqi government in Baghdad, but the Kurdish fighters have been losing ground to Islamic State
Iraqi refugees receive the first humanitarian airdrops from the UK

As the United States continues to conduct airstrikes on Islamic State fighters in Iraq, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) has airdropped its first batch of humanitarian aid to refugees in the northern part of the country who are fleeing the Islamist militants. International Development Secretary Justine Greening said that
The DOT is looking to ban in-flight cell phone calls

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) doesn’t have a problem with travelers making cell phone calls while riding on an airplane, but apparently the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) does. The DOT is looking to ban in-flight cell phone calls, not due to any kind of safety concerns, but because
Hamas continues to hide weapons in UN schools

The last two nights have seen the most intense bombardments of the Gaza Strip since the offensive began three weeks ago. Palestinian health officials located in Gaza reported early on Wednesday that at least 15 people were killed when a United Nations school was bombed by the Israeli military. At
The London Skyline

The United Kingdom’s economy has finally passed its pre-2008 financial crisis peak and is set to achieve the strongest annual gross domestic product growth rate among the G7 economies in 2014, echoing earlier predictions from the International Monetary Fund. Growth will be driven by companies investing heavily in their businesses