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Do you want to know where the world’s best golfers will be during the first week of May? Golf fans are certain to be familiar with names like Justin Hueber, Esteban Restrepo, John Young Kim and Rick Cochran III. These golf stars, along with 140 other leading professional golfers from
Memorial Day Weekend Travel

When it comes to pre-summer travel, Memorial Day weekend is always one of the busiest, particularly for land travel. It’s not a long enough break for a full-fledged vacation, but many people will go to camp grounds, local relatives, parks, and other destinations associated with the long weekend. This year,
Interesting Facts About Baseball Travel

Baseball season may be over this year, but it’s baseball — it’ll be back in just a few months. When it comes back, you may want to consider planning travel around the country with a baseball theme to your journey. In this infographic by cheapOair, the pricing and other costs