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Hitch Theater

Do you remember being able to watch a movie on a giant screen from the inside of your vehicle, the back of your truck or just by popping a couple lawn chairs down at the drive-in?  Most of the younger generations don’t remember this and even those of use heading
US China Cyberwar

The attempts by the United States and China to forge the first ever cyberwarfare treaty is two things, neither of which are what they are telling the general public. On the surface and for the news, this is a great first step towards safety and security online and a representation
Technology at Restaurants

If you’ve dined out lately, chances are that you’re one of two people. You’re either the person shaking your head because service has slowed down due to the amount of people paying closer attention to their phones than the server, or you’re the person on your phone. It doesn’t matter
Teen Text Use

It doesn’t take being a parent of a teen to know that they’re are texting a ton. It’s on the news regularly. There are studies galore that highlight it both as a shift in communication styles as well as being a problem, particularly when driving. In this infographic, we learn