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A couple of years ago, the American public couldn’t have told you the difference between a crossover, an SUV, or anything that fell in between, but now you can’t seem to get away from the crossover vehicle.  They’ve easily become some of the most popular vehicles in the United States,
Range Rover Evoque Convertible

So many of us sit around thinking the world needs a convertible SUV to have a complete lineup of vehicles, and now it’s a reality, again.  Most likely none of us actually thing that and hopefully this new convertible SUV will be much better than the somewhat failed Nissan Murano
2015 Toyota RAV4 Side View

In a fast paced world such as this one, safety when transporting ourselves or our family is of the utmost importance. So what happens when the safe car isn’t the fun and sporty vehicle that you desire? Are you, as a driver, willing to make sacrifices to ensure that you