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Samsung decides to go it alone against Apple and IBM partnership

When battling a partnership of two of the biggest technology companies in the world, Apple and IBM, it’s best to team up with another company to help even the odds. Samsung doesn’t seem to want help, however, as the South Korean company has decided to take on the two tech
Samsung is making its own sitcom to lure in more employees

Samsung isn’t just trying to make its products look cool, it’s trying to make its jobs look cool as well. In order to do this, the South Korean company is launching “Best Future”, and online exclusive musical sitcom that will portray Samsung as a hip place that all South Korean
Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against Samsung over royalties dispute

Samsung is, once again, being sued by a major tech company, and this time it isn’t Apple. Microsoft announced earlier today that it is suing Samsung for threatening to stop paying royalties to Microsoft for patents behind the Android operating system. The two companies reached a deal in September 2011