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L. Ron Hubbard

The New Jersey State Board of Education added the birthday of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, March 13, to its list of 100 official state religious holidays for the 2016-2017 school year. Mr. Hubbard’s birthday has long been celebrated by Scientologists the world over. Each year, Scientologists gather in Clearwater,Florida,
Terrorism in Israel

In the Book of Judges, times are described when there was no King in the Holy Land, when the people relied on judges to define their lives until a King could be crowned. That King was Saul who was followed by David and Solomon. Today, there is, once again, no
Iraqi Christians

Without supporting Donald Trump’s call for a halt of all Muslim immigrants, the logic can apply to the refugee programs that are heavily weighted towards helping Muslims coming in through Syria. Their plight is unimaginable, but it’s not difficult to the same degree as the hardships, displacement, and murder of
American Youth at Church

It doesn’t take Pew Research to tell us that fewer Americans are claiming religious affiliations. The rise in secularism is a clear indicator that the country is less driven by faith than in the recent past. In fact, a survey of 35,000 American showed a steep decline in the percentage
Human Genetic Manipulation

Just when you thought that the worst that scientists could do in genetics was make GMO-laden vegetables or two-headed snakes, a team in China has been able to manipulate the ultimate genome: that of humans. In a lab, they were able to alter a gene within a human embryo, something
Joseph from Genesis

The Book of Genesis does not mention Pharaoh Djoser or his vizier, Imhotep. Egyptian historical records do not mention Joseph or his Pharaoh. Could the two sets of stories, too similar to be coincidence, be describing the same peope doing the same things under different historical names? Here are the
Mark Driscoll

Those who are religious often pray. Nearly every major religion believes in praying to a higher power to communicate. For Christian pastors, prayer is a central part of their day (at least it should be). In this infographic below from, we take a look at the various things that