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Bernie Sanders New Hampshire

At this point, even the most optimistic in the Hillary Clinton campaign realize that they have no chance of winning New Hampshire. They technically don’t even need to; with sex Super Delegates already pledged, Sanders will have to get over 2/3rds of the votes to technically beat her. That’s not
New Hampshire Moderates

Fox News loves Marco Rubio. Liberal mainstream media dislikes Rubio less than they dislike Ted Cruz. Democrats are chomping at the bit at an opportunity to go against the failed Senator who is getting ridiculed by his own constituents and media outlets in Florida. Will New Hampshire buy into the
Rand Paul Can't Win

There was one thing that needed to happen for several GOP candidates during the last debate prior to the Iowa caucus. They had to pull out a knockout blow. None of them did, including Rand Paul who has now eliminated his chances of being the nominee. Admittedly, he was my
Michael Bloomberg Run

Donald Trump has built up a reputation as being prudent with his money. Is he willing to take his family’s money and match up with Michael Bloomberg if the former New York City Mayor runs for President as an independent? He may have to answer that question if he gets
Donald Trump Sheep

The candidate with the highest unfavorable rating this Presidential election cycle also seems to have the most dedicated core disciples. Now, Donald Trump is¬†getting as bold as he’s ever been by saying something both insulting and hilarious about his own supporters.
Bernie Sanders Democrats

Here’s a not-so-bold prediction: Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic nominee for President. The Republicans have gone after Hillary Clinton so hard and her scandals are so deep that she is falling faster than she did in 2008 to Barack Obama.
Donald Trump One-Trick Pony

Donald Trump will secure the border. He’ll build a wall. He’ll deport 11 million illegal immigrants. These things are all fair promises by the GOP Presidential candidate. The problem is that everything else he’s proposing is either ludicrous, naive, or impossible.
Gisela Mota

The United States and Mexican border has been a hot topic politically on both sides of it. That’s where the similarities seem to stop. While a mayor in a United States city might worry about public relations or policy changes on their first day of office, their counterparts in Mexico
Ben Carson Campaign

There have been some great candidates who turned out to be terrible Presidents. Our current President may be the best campaigner in decades while being one of the worst to sit in the Oval Office. Ben Carson may have been the opposite, but because his campaign skills are so bad,
Where in the World is Marco Rubio

There is no chance that I would support Marco Rubio for President and I like Rand Paul a lot, but it was painful to watch the short video his campaign team built earlier this month that was supposed to call out Rubio for being an absentee Senator.