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John Kasich Ohio

John Kasich leads the executive branch of government in the state of Ohio. This is an important position with day-to-day duties that are currently being ignored. There is always leeway given to a Governor who is a viable Presidential candidate, but when the writing on the wall says that the
Donald Trump Very Unpopular

Donald Trump loves polls. He’s built his entire campaign around the idea of deserving special media treatment because of the polls. Unfortunately for him, the polls that he doesn’t want anybody to notice are arguably the most important. Head-to-head with Hillary Clinton, he gets obliterated, setting up a general election
Donald Trump Unity

The unveiling of Donald Trump begins this week. From now until the California primary, he will be gathering up support from the Republican Establishment and declaring that his anti-establishment campaign is shifting into the mainstream. We will see endorsements, hear rumors of deals, and watch as former-conservatives turn their back
Ted Cruz Arizona Immigration

Arguably the two biggest issues in the minds of Arizona’s voters are illegal immigration and the economy. Donald Trump and his cronies in mainstream media have been able to push his rhetoric to the point that he seems like the best choice on the surface, but it’s Ted Cruz’s immigration
Donald Trump Protesters

No politician has ever wielded the victim card with as much skill as Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter if he’s the actual victim or not. He can make his supporters hate Megyn Kelly or love Vladimir Putin at will, which is why it’s not helping the situation when protesters go
John Kasich Destroying America

It’s disheartening to watch a respected Republican politician in the midst of a desperate attempt to destroy America, but that’s exactly what John Kasich is doing. Whether it’s for the sake of his childlike petulance or simply his ego-driven¬†megalomaniac nature, Kasich is ignoring three important realities surrounding his run for
Mitt Romney Go Away

In the race to stop Donald Trump from giving the White House to Hillary Clinton and humiliating the Republican party, Ted Cruz should accept every possible voter regardless of their motivations. There’s one vote that is coming his way in Utah and it’s a vote that Cruz should decline if
Ted Cruz Donald Trump Republican Establishment

In a case of picking the lesser of two evils, many Republican Establishment folks are getting behind Ted Cruz to be the GOP nominee. The people who attacked the Texas Senator with the most passion are now realizing that it’s better to support the anti-Establishment Cruz instead of allowing the
Ted Cruz Democrats

I’m that girl who still thinks Jimmy Carter deserved a second term. I’ve spent years apologizing for Bill Clinton’s lack of integrity by pointing to his positive policies. I’ve even defended Barack Obama, the most disappointing President I’ve ever supported. Twice. Now, I’m going down a strange and very different
John Kasich Smiling

A campaign staffer for John Kasich was fired when news broke of his arrest for domestic violence. Some are saying it’s a black eye on the Kasich campaign at a crucial time in the Presidential race. This is wrong for two very important reasons.