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US Russia Syrian Proxy War

By the very definition of a proxy war, the United States is very clearly engaged in one. We support the “moderate” Syrian rebel forces through weapons and training and we have been since around the beginning of the civil war. Some even believe that we helped start the civil war

The concept of qualitative military edge for Israel in the regions in and surrounding the Middle East has been something that the United States has maintained for the tiny country. To continue this, the United States has discussed making the stealth F-35 a product exclusively sold to Israel.
Ayatollah Kamenei talks to troops

The Ayatollah Kamenei and senior members of the Iranian government say they intend to bring about the destruction of Israel at some point in the near future. In the meantime, they’ve increased their air defenses to make sure that Israel doesn’t get the draw on them. Iranian brigadier general Mohsen Kazzemeini
Sagamihara Explosions

An ammunition warehouse in Sagamihara city, Japan, filled several minutes of the night with explosions. Several videos were posted to social media immediately following the blasts. Over 10 fire engines were called to the scene south of Tokyo to contend with what witnesses described as a fireworks display on the
Military Family

Reports are coming in that the FBI is warning military families that Middle Eastern men are using intimidation techniques against them. A noted incident involves two men interrogating a wife of a military member at her house. There were two other men in the black SUV according to the report.
Moving tanks to Eastern Europe is not a message to Russia

As the United States considers putting heavy weapons in Eastern European countries for the first time since the Cold War, most analysts and journalists are calling it a move intended to send a message to Russia and its Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. This is partially correct, but it’s not the
Iran Nuclear Snapback

Reuters is reporting that the United Nations Security Council has agreed to a “snapback” contingency for sanctions against Iran if they violate terms of a an agreement in the works. This would prevent Russia and China from being able to veto a reinstatement of the sanctions if all criteria are
FARC rebels and the Colombian military are meeting in Havana to negotiate

Members of the Colombian military met face-to-face with FARC rebel leaders in Havana, Cuba on Friday to negotiate a peaceful ending the five-decade-long conflict between the two, a move that the Colombian government is calling a “decisive phase”. “We’ve entered a decisive moment in the process. There’s a real possibility
Joni Ernst admits that she faced sexual harassment while in the military

Joni Ernst, a republican candidate for the Iowa Senate, admitted yesterday that she was sexually harassed on numerous occasion during her time in the military. Ernst, who served in the military for over 20 years, has promised that, if she’s elected, she will work to overhaul how sexual assault cases
US starts directly providing Kurdish forces in Iraq with weapons

The United States has started directly proving military weapons to the Kurdish forces in northern Iraq who are currently battling Islamic State militants. Previously, the United States had insisted on selling arms solely to the Iraqi government in Baghdad, but the Kurdish fighters have been losing ground to Islamic State