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The concept of qualitative military edge for Israel in the regions in and surrounding the Middle East has been something that the United States has maintained for the tiny country. To continue this, the United States has discussed making the stealth F-35 a product exclusively sold to Israel.
Israel Economy

In a master course on conservative politics combined with grade school level economics, Israel is demonstrating that cutting taxes to encourage spending and business growth can yield tremendous revenue for a country. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is heralding the tax cuts as an example of growth stimulation through improving the
Ayatollah Kamenei talks to troops

The Ayatollah Kamenei and senior members of the Iranian government say they intend to bring about the destruction of Israel at some point in the near future. In the meantime, they’ve increased their air defenses to make sure that Israel doesn’t get the draw on them. Iranian¬†brigadier general Mohsen Kazzemeini

A disturbing announcement was made by the IAEA where it states that money given to the agency to monitor Iran is running out. The funds for the Joint Plan of Action, which is a pact signed by Iran and the P5+1 that began in January 2014, will be exhausted by
Lebanon Trash Riots

Running a country is challenging regardless of how big or small the problems are. In the case of Lebanon, the problem seemed to be insignificant at first, but when the people are forced to be surrounded by garbage when the government fails to find a place to put it all,
Germany to Trade with Iran

After the Iran Nuclear Deal was signed, the ink was barely dry before Germany and other western countries were meeting for trade negotiations as a result of the sanctions being lifted. On July 14, 2015 the deal was finally reached. Less than a week later German Economy Minister, Sigmar Gabriel,
Military Family

Reports are coming in that the FBI is warning military families that Middle Eastern men are using intimidation techniques against them. A noted incident involves two men interrogating a wife of a military member at her house. There were two other men in the black SUV according to the report.
Ayatollah Khamenei Angry

Some would call it the sound of a broken record. Others would say that the Prime Minister of Israel is simply trying to keep a country bent on its destruction from having the very weapon that could make it happen. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, Benjamin
Ramadi Iraq

As the major Iraqi city of Ramadi sits under the control of the Islamic State, politicians and journalists are starting to ask the same question they were asking this time last year: did the US pull out troops prematurely? Senator John McCain calls the fall of Ramadi a “failure of