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Microsoft is replacing Office’s Clip Art feature with Bing Images

Microsoft has announced that the expansive Clip Art library that has long been associated with the company’s Office productivity software suite is being done away with, according to Venture Beat. From now on, people looking for royalty-free images to use in Office applications will have to do so via Microsoft’s
Microsoft is open-sourcing .NET and bringing it to Linux and OS X

Microsoft made a shocking announcement earlier this week when it revealed its plans to open source the full server-side .NET core stack, according to Geek Wire. From there, the technology giant plans to take that open-sourced .NET core to Linux, Android, iOS, and OS X, areas that Microsoft has long
Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against Samsung over royalties dispute

Samsung is, once again, being sued by a major tech company, and this time it isn’t Apple. Microsoft announced earlier today that it is suing Samsung for threatening to stop paying royalties to Microsoft for patents behind the Android operating system. The two companies reached a deal in September 2011