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Privacy has been a touchy subject for the last couple of years. Between Edward Snowden’s revelations, challenges with large tech companies like Google, and social media spilling information to companies left and right, parts of the general public and privacy rights advocates have been very aggressive with their attacks on
Microsoft and NASA are bringing augmented reality goggles to space

If you thought Microsoft’s HoloLens demonstration at E3 was impressive, wait until you hear what NASA has in mind for the device. Not that playing Minecraft or talking on Skype through augmented reality isn’t mind-bogglingly amazing, but considering how Microsoft and NASA are working together to bring the device to
The Navy is paying Microsoft millions to keep updating Windows XP

Windows XP has been many people’s operating system of choice for more than a decade, with only Windows 7 surpassing it in market share. This is despite the fact that Windows XP was released almost fourteen years ago. It stands to reason that the operating system would have remained popular
Windows 10 will launch this summer

Windows 10 may very well be the most anticipated iteration of Microsoft’s operating system to date and now we have definitive, if broad, idea of when to expect it. Windows chief Terry Myerson announced in a post on the company’s official Windows blog last night that “Windows 10 will be
Microsoft has ended mainstream support for Windows 7 today

Bad news for Windows 7 users: as of today, Microsoft is officially ending mainstream support for the operating system. You shouldn’t let that worry you though, as this is nothing like the complete cessation of official support that Windows XP underwent a few months ago, Microsoft simply won’t be offering
Microsoft could be working on an entirely new web browser

There was a time when Internet Explorer was the undisputed king of web browsers, with its market share exceeding 80% for much of the last decade. However, Microsoft’s failure to match the speed and customizability of competing web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have reduced Internet Explorer
Facebook drops Bing in favor of its own search tool

Facebook recently gave its Graph Search feature an update which allowed users to search the social network for specific posts, which enabled people to search for far more than just people. Up until a few days ago, web results were also displayed thanks to Bing, but Facebook has quietly removed
Microsoft of all companies is now accepting Bitcoin

Great news for Bitcoin users, Microsoft is now accepting the cryptocurrency as payment for digital content from it various stores! Customers looking to purchase digital copies of Xbox games, mobile apps, music, and a few other items will now be able to do so with Bitcoin, an especially surprising move
Microsoft wants to change the way it monetizes Windows

As Microsoft continues to lower the price of Windows, even offering it for free on phones and smaller tablets, many people have been hoping that the company’s next release of the world’s most popular operating would drop the pay-per-license system that has been used for decades in favor of a
Cortana demonstrated on Windows 10 in leaked video

It’s been known for quite some time now, through various rumors and leaks, that Microsoft is bringing Cortana to Windows 10. Microsoft hasn’t even released Windows 10 yet, nor has it confirmed that Cortana will appear in it, but nonetheless, WinBeta managed to acquire a leaked build of Windows 10