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Intel is merging its PC and mobile chip divisions

While Intel remains the undisputed king of PC and laptop chips, ARM is equally as dominant when it comes to smartphones and tablets. This due in large part to the fact that the technology in Intel’s chips still lags behind ARM’s ultra-low power silicon, not to mention the vast majority
Sprint has given up on its attempt to acquire T-Mobile

Sprint, as well as its parent company Softbank, have decided that the regulatory barriers that they would need to overcome to acquire T-Mobile were too high, and will no longer be pursuing a merger between the third and fourth largest wireless carriers in the United States. Sprint and T-Mobile had
1211 Avenue of the Americas

Last week, 21st Century Fox confirmed that it had made a formal proposal to Time Warner in June to combine the two companies, a bid that has been valued at $80 billion. In order to lodge a higher bid for Time Warner, Fox is reportedly looking to sell Sky Italia