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The Death of Television

At an extracurricular bowling outing with some people at the office, an intern pointed at the television at the bar and told me that they would be going away, soon. The internet would soon eclipse it as the dominant force for delivering everything from news to entertainment to communication. Everything
Ben Carson Media Attacks

The purpose of left-wing media attack pieces is to highlight the worst in a Republican candidate in an effort to take them down a notch. In the case of Ben Carson and several others this election cycle, the voters have responded in the opposite way by supporting their candidates even
Ahmed Mohamed

The mainstream media has been known for leaning left in most circumstances with a few exceptions that lean right such as Fox News. A recent hot story, the tail of Ahmed Mohamed’s clock that was mistaken for a bomb, seems to be demonstrating an unwillingness by mainstream media to turn
Social Media President

In a world quickly becoming dominated by selfies, citizen journalists, overnight internet celebrities and viral gaffes, President Barack Obama has quickly learned that if he can’t beat them, he needs to join them. Social media was never his strong suit or anything that held interest for him outside of his

Technology is a wonderful thing. With streaming and cable services like OnDemand, we can now watch brand new movies with the push of a button. There is no more getting in the car, traveling to Blockbuster, hoping they have the movie you want to see, driving home, and collecting your
A Breakdown of News Preference Demographics

Who’s watching what? That’s the question that the infographic below answers. Which shows do the wealthy watch? What about those with a high school education? Is it surprising that teens and twentysomethings watch Colbert the most while those over 65 watch Hannity and O’Reilly? Does it mean something that Economist