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Mark Zuckerberg Islamic State

Politics and social media definitely mix. Donald Trump and Barack Obama have proven that using social media to compel the masses in one direction or another is a valid political¬†dissemination strategy. Just because politics plays on social media doesn’t mean that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the world’s most powerful social
Reformist Muslim groups

While most of the big Muslim organizations in the country like the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are deflecting and redirecting blame for the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, at least 15 Muslim reform groups met in Washington DC to discuss their strategy for stopping radicalization and terrorism in America.
Islamic State Bride

The Austrian girl and her friend who were used by the Islamic State to recruit other young girls to join the terrorist group as wives to the jihadis have reportedly been beaten to death after a failed escape attempt. 17-year-old Samra and 15-year-old Sabina left home to join the Islamic

The gut reaction from many conservatives and Americans in general after last week’s Paris attacks is to go in and eradicate the Islamic State. Many politicians are calling for “boots on the ground” since it’s clear that the Obama airstrikes are not working. There’s an alternative that isn’t just more
The New York Times

Unlike many of my cohorts, I’m not one who instantly bashes mainstream media for everything they say. I believe that most journalists are fair in their hearts and only lean one way or the other, which is why it was shocking to see the NY Times take such an obtuse
Saudi Arabia employs ISIS-style executions

Saudi Arabia has decided to blame over two dozen people for the Hajj fiasco that resulted in over 1,300 deaths in this year’s Mecca pilgrimage. The incident, the Saudi officials claim, put the government in a bad light.
British Teen Jihadist

The youngest jihadist in Great Britain will serve a minimum of 5 years in a correction facility for plotting a terrorist attack in Australia and for threatening to kill his school teacher. The bizarre case drew international attention because of the heinous nature of threats and plots coming from someone
Islamic State Funding

When people think about the funds that are flowing into the Islamic State, most look to areas of the world and fringe groups that have been traditionally supportive of terrorism. Many experts point to western organizations as the source for much of the funding. One expert is Tom Keatinge. According
Tony Abbott

The Islamic State is bad and it’s probably worse than you think. That’s the gist of the message from Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott as he tries to alert the world that they do not have ambitions isolated to Iraq and Syria. They don’t even want to simply control the
Rockets Fired into Israel

If a rocket were shot from Canada and landed in Minnesota, the American people and most of the world would be talking about it. When a rocket leaves the Gaza Strip and hits Israeli land, the international community is silent. That’s life in Israel and it’s making Prime Minister Benjamin