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It took years, oftentimes decades for many of the corporate behemoths that exist in the United States today to reach their current level. Crossing that billion dollar mark is a milestone that took a long time and a lot of work to achieve, and yet, nowadays it seems like any
Mark Driscoll

Those who are religious often pray. Nearly every major religion believes in praying to a higher power to communicate. For Christian pastors, prayer is a central part of their day (at least it should be). In this infographic below from, we take a look at the various things that
Scarlett Johansson

As a society, we have a distinct fascination with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Movie stars are always front and center in the public consciousness and make for great folly – good and bad – on the news channels. One of the aspects of their lives that we
Suicide in College

There are plenty of stresses in the world. We start to face them the moment that we’re born when the need for warmth becomes very clear as soon as we emerge into the world. The pain starts there and continues throughout. It gets easier. It gets harder. One of the
Teen Text Use

It doesn’t take being a parent of a teen to know that they’re are texting a ton. It’s on the news regularly. There are studies galore that highlight it both as a shift in communication styles as well as being a problem, particularly when driving. In this infographic, we learn
Hole in One

A hole-in-one probably seems next to impossible to most who have not ever hit one, but they’re more common that most people probably realize. Estimates show that there are 150,000 holes-in-one per year. Some people are better at getting them than others, of course; Mancil Davis had 51 career aces,
10 Tallest NBA Players Ever

Basketball players are, on average, the tallest sports players in the world. The reason is obvious – the rims on a basketball court are 10 feet in the air and height plays a major roll in one’s ability to get the ball in the hoop as well as trying to
A Breakdown of News Preference Demographics

Who’s watching what? That’s the question that the infographic below answers. Which shows do the wealthy watch? What about those with a high school education? Is it surprising that teens and twentysomethings watch Colbert the most while those over 65 watch Hannity and O’Reilly? Does it mean something that Economist
Kitties in a Basket

It may not seem like a buzzing topic. After all, GIFs have been around since the days of MySpace and have plagued the internet to the point that many hate them without knowing exactly what they really are. Of course, not everyone hates them. Google+, for example, seems to love
Interesting Facts About Baseball Travel

Baseball season may be over this year, but it’s baseball — it’ll be back in just a few months. When it comes back, you may want to consider planning travel around the country with a baseball theme to your journey. In this infographic by cheapOair, the pricing and other costs