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Chris Christie Republican Establishment

Despite CNN’s successful attempt to make the GOP debate a debacle and a cage match, we actually did learn a few things about some of the candidates. One of the most important things is that the Republican Establishment is debating about the two wrong horses. Rather than backing Marco Rubio
Harry Reid

Under normal circumstances, an endorsement by a powerful politician is exactly what a Speaker of the House candidate would want. In Paul Ryan’s case, the endorsement he just received from Democractic Senator Harry Reid could be the kiss of death. Chances are, Reid knows this very well.
Donald Trump in His Chair

Donald Trump has taken all of the attention. Donald Trump has set the pace. Donald Trump has exposed the weaknesses. Donald Trump has selected the direction that we’ll be traveling. In essence, Donald Trump has led the Republican Party to the point that it’s at now, which is a good
Ted Cruz Campaign

With the exception of Rand Paul on certain issues, no major presidential candidate is as conservative as Ted Cruz. He even pushes past Paul on many of the issues. He’s love by the tea party, loved by Texas, and loved by those who believe a conservative candidate is the best
There’s a good chance that Ben Carson could run for President in 2016

Doctor Ben Carson, the famous author and retired neurosurgeon, has announced that there is a good chance that he will run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. Doctor Carson made his announcement while talking with radio host Hugh Hewitt last night, saying that there’s a good chance that he
Rand Paul on Privacy

Following in the footsteps of his father, Senator Rand Paul is focusing on privacy as a major component of his political profile. He hopes that it will translate into GOP victories this year and possibly help him if he runs for President in 2016. The idea is pretty straight-forward: young