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YouTube’s subscription music package has entered beta

After months of rumors and speculation, YouTube has finally launched the beta for its much-anticipated subscription music package, known as Music Key, in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Finland. The beta will be invite-only for the first six months, with Google Play Music subscribers
Chromebooks have been approved for use in NYC's 1,800 public schools

The New York City Department of Education has announced that it has approved the use of Google’s Chromebooks in the city’s public classrooms, which consist of around 1,800 schools and provide educational services for roughly one million students, according to Tech Crunch, as well as the use of Google Apps
Android 5.0 begins OTA rollout to most Nexus and Moto devices

Good news for Android users, Google has announced that OTA updates for Android 5.0 Lollipop are currently rolling out for most Nexus devices. Owners of these devices should be receiving a push notification telling them that their Nexus device is ready for an OTA update, according to GigaOm, or they
YouTube’s music streaming service is weeks away from launch

Talk of YouTube launching its own subscription-based music streaming service has been going on for quite some time now, but according to a report from The Financial Times, it might actually be happening this time thanks to a deal that the Google-owned company struck with thousands of independent record labels
Vudu Spark is Walmart’s answer to Google’s Chromecast

Walmart is the latest company trying to cash in on the success of Google’s Chromecast, the HDMI video streaming dongle that has become especially popular among cord-cutters, according to a leaked filing from the FCC, as reported by GigaOm. Walmart is planning to release a Chromecast-like streaming dongle that works
Google enters into a decade-long patent sharing deal with LG

Google has entered into a patent cross-licensing agreement with LG that covers “a broad range of products and technologies” that have been built on the existing patents of the two companies, as well as those that they file over the next decade. “LG values its relationship with Google, and this
Google Search

Google has been very public about its desire to stay out of politics. They don’t want to lobby. They don’t want to interfere. They don’t want politics to interfere with them. Now, it seems that Google is trying to get involved without actually getting involved. They want to get their