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Google is now testing its self-driving vehicles on public streets

Remember those adorable self-driving vehicles that Google showed off late last year? Well, the company has spent a few months testing them out in private, controlled environments and now feels confident that the technology is safe enough to begin conducting tests on public roads. Google announced as much last month
YouTube’s paid subscription service is launching later this year

Subscribers to Google Play All Access, which is Google’s answer to Spotify, don’t just get to enjoy unlimited music streaming, they have the added bonus of ad-free music videos on YouTube and the ability to download those videos to their mobile device for offline playback. All of this is thanks
Google is desperately trying to compete with Apple Pay

Google Wallet entered the mobile payments market as pretty much the only player in the game back in 2011 but, despite this massive head start, the service is now playing catchup to the four month-old Apple Pay. This is due in large part to Softcard, a joint mobile payments venture
Google is working on a new service to combat Apple Pay

Apple Pay might not have been the first mobile payments service to enter the market but it has certainly risen to become on the most successful. Even though it launched less than six months ago, the service has enjoyed a level of popularity that Google Wallet never has despite having

It isn’t just the big attacks on privacy like SOPA that get Google’s attention. The technology giant has its eyes on the government on small changes such as the proposed Rule 41 search and seizure change, for which public debate ended yesterday. There is a little confusion about what it
Google is testing out its modular smartphone in Puerto Rico

Remember Phonebloks, that interesting idea for a modular smartphone that popped up about a year and a half ago? If you need a refresher you can always watch the explanation video that introduced the idea, which was passed around quite a bit across various social media websites, but the gist
France’s space agency is assisting Google with Project Loon

Google is most known for Android, the most popular smartphone operating system in the world, as well as its web-based products such as Search, Gmail, and YouTube. But the company has also branched out into more experimental, and often times ludicrous endeavors, such as the aptly-named Project Loon. The purpose
Google will soon provide child-friendly versions of its services

As much as parents want to protect their children from the innumerable threats that lurk on the web, it’s virtually impossible for them to completely block access to the internet. Fortunately, Google is currently working on a potential solution to this problem, according to a report from USA Today, by
Google admits that 56% of digital ads are never seen

Online advertisement viewability is somewhat of a hot topic in the advertising industry right now as marketers become more aware, not to mention concerned, that many of the advertisements that they purchase online aren’t actually seen by anyone. A full study of this was done by Think With Google, which
Inventor of the hashtag breaks down how Google+ has failed

Developer and former Google employee Chris Messina recently posted a brutally honest article about Google+ in which he breaks down the social network’s failures, as well as his own. Rather than serving as the “social backbone” that it was designed to be, Messina believes that Google+ has become the antithesis,