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New Ford Ranger Bangkok

What ever happened to the Ford Ranger?  Unlike the GM twins of the Colorado and Canyon the Ranger did not get discontinued throughout the world, it did not take a break to develop new and better mid-sized truck technologies, instead it was discontinued for the US market even though it
Root Beer 1940 Ford Pickup

It’s not the new GT, although it’s just as sharp and will certainly catch your eye in a heartbeat. What I am referring to is a fully restored 1940 Ford Pickup that was completed by RK Motors Charlotte and the results are simply breathtaking. Not only will this beautiful beast
2017 Ford GT Rear

The Ford GT stole the show in a huge way in Detroit earlier in the year. If you had been told there was going to be a new GT350R, Raptor, CTS-V, Alfa 4C Spider, BMW M6 and Acura NSX would you think there was something that would draw your attention
2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Front

Any market has the brands we all know. Look around you at shoes, laundry detergent, food, clothing, electronics and much more and you will see the brands you recognize and have opinions about. What makes us feel somewhat uncomfortable is having a brand we aren’t sure of bring us a
2016 Chevrolet Camaro

There was no way you could ever imagine Mustang would be upgraded and redone for a new generation and the Camaro not respond. The Mustang which just entered its new generation has taken over much of the market of sports cars that Camaro wants to have back, which has now
2015 Ford Escape White

It’s hard to write an unbiased article about the first vehicle I purchased on my own, but I’ll try to put the Ford Escape’s place in my heart aside. It won’t be too hard. This definitely isn’t the Escape I bought all those years ago. It many ways, it’s better.
The 2014 Ford Edge is a Functional and Fuel Efficient Crossover SUV

The 2014 Ford Edge offers something much of its competition does not; a fuel efficient engine option that still carries enough power to take the vehicle where it needs to go. Although this version is aging and due for a redesign soon, the Edge still has it by offering a
Camaro vs. Mustang vs. Challenger

If the title alone doesn’t catch your attention we have a long road ahead, but if in fact the title got your heart pumping, and the adrenaline flowing ready to give off a good old Tool Time grunt like Tim Allen used to do, you have come to the right