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Hitch Theater

Do you remember being able to watch a movie on a giant screen from the inside of your vehicle, the back of your truck or just by popping a couple lawn chairs down at the drive-in?  Most of the younger generations don’t remember this and even those of use heading
The Death of Television

At an extracurricular bowling outing with some people at the office, an intern pointed at the television at the bar and told me that they would be going away, soon. The internet would soon eclipse it as the dominant force for delivering everything from news to entertainment to communication. Everything
Batman v Superman Trailer

With the majority of movie trailers, people can tell pretty universally whether or not they will like the movie. It’s a sad part of the business; most studios put the best scenes in the trailer to entice people to come watch it even though they often give away too much.

Technology is a wonderful thing. With streaming and cable services like OnDemand, we can now watch brand new movies with the push of a button. There is no more getting in the car, traveling to Blockbuster, hoping they have the movie you want to see, driving home, and collecting your
Cable TV: A Thing of the Past?

Gone are the days of the rabbit ears perched precariously on top of a fuzzy TV in hopes of getting a couple channels. The entrance of satellite TV came with huge dishes in the yard of your home just to obtain service, and forget about getting a signal in bad