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Ted Cruz Tax Plan

The criticism of the flat tax model is that the average American would end up paying more as a result. According to Cruz, that’s not the case with his 10% flat tax. He says that his tax plan details that can be found on his website make a clear case
Ben Carson Black Lives Matter

After the first Democratic debate, one of the most talked-about points was that four out of the five candidates supported #BlackLivesMatter over #AllLivesMatter from a political perspective. This didn’t sit well with conservatives who tend to believe that everyone is equal. Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson had a very straight-forward

The contrast between the Democrat and Republican candidates couldn’t have been more obvious. While only one of the five candidates in the Democratic debate, James Webb, stated they did not support the Iran Deal and felt it was a sign of weakness, the others seemed to use the policy of
Ben Carson Gun Control

GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson is coming under fire for, well, pretty much everything he’s been saying for the last month. The latest controversial statement pertains to the precedent of gun control laws coming before genocides perpetrated by governments.
Donald Trump in His Chair

Donald Trump has taken all of the attention. Donald Trump has set the pace. Donald Trump has exposed the weaknesses. Donald Trump has selected the direction that we’ll be traveling. In essence, Donald Trump has led the Republican Party to the point that it’s at now, which is a good
Edward Snowden Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been on the receiving end of a ton of criticism from people on the right, left, and everywhere in between over her decision to use a private server for her emails. To pour lemon juice into the wound, she’s even being ridiculed by government whistleblower Edward Snowden.
John Boehner Jackass

There’s a point when a politician’s opinions become so incoherent or even deceitful that their own party turns on them. In the case of Speaker of the House John Boehner, the universal¬†nature of the disappointment towards him makes his comments about GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz a positive thing for
Ted Cruz Christian

They key to a Republican victory in the 2016 presidential election will be evangelical pastors getting their congregations to vote, according to GOP candidate Ted Cruz. His father, a pastor, is helping this concept along by travelling the country to churches working with other pastors to get the Christian voters
Donald Trump Buffoon

A good portion of the crowd at the RedState Gathering were probably upset that Donald Trump’s invitation was revoked over comments made about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, but they really shouldn’t be. Their candidate of choice has been making the types of mistakes over the years that make Joe
Ted Cruz Campaign

With the exception of Rand Paul on certain issues, no major presidential candidate is as conservative as Ted Cruz. He even pushes past Paul on many of the issues. He’s love by the tea party, loved by Texas, and loved by those who believe a conservative candidate is the best