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Donald Trump Sheep

The candidate with the highest unfavorable rating this Presidential election cycle also seems to have the most dedicated core disciples. Now, Donald Trump is¬†getting as bold as he’s ever been by saying something both insulting and hilarious about his own supporters.
Donald Trump One-Trick Pony

Donald Trump will secure the border. He’ll build a wall. He’ll deport 11 million illegal immigrants. These things are all fair promises by the GOP Presidential candidate. The problem is that everything else he’s proposing is either ludicrous, naive, or impossible.
Donald Trump in His Chair

Donald Trump has taken all of the attention. Donald Trump has set the pace. Donald Trump has exposed the weaknesses. Donald Trump has selected the direction that we’ll be traveling. In essence, Donald Trump has led the Republican Party to the point that it’s at now, which is a good
Donald Trump Buffoon

A good portion of the crowd at the RedState Gathering were probably upset that Donald Trump’s invitation was revoked over comments made about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, but they really shouldn’t be. Their candidate of choice has been making the types of mistakes over the years that make Joe