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US China Cyberwar

The attempts by the United States and China to forge the first ever cyberwarfare treaty is two things, neither of which are what they are telling the general public. On the surface and for the news, this is a great first step towards safety and security online and a representation
Wall Street Black Monday

Not since the crash of 2008 has there been such certainty about the reasons behind last week’s and Monday’s world economic turmoil and Wall Street upheaval. The difference between now and then is that everyone today seems to be certain about conflicting reasons.
Taiwan Elections

Most of the world views Taiwan as an independent state with close ties to China. Of course, that’s not how China sees it, which is why they’re starting to flex their muscle as the China-friendly Nationalist party seems poised for defeat in elections next year. DPP presidential hopeful Tsai Ing-wen
China is installing “Internet police” at major Internet companies

It’s no secret that China has little to no respect for free speech and privacy on the Internet, but the country’s most recent attempt to control what people are saying on the web takes things to an entirely different level. While taking care to mask its true intentions with misleading
China Hacks US Government

The massive breach of security that gave someone, allegedly China, access to over 4 million US federal employee records didn’t just go broad. It went deep. Records span back as far as 30 years, giving the hackers access to many people who don’t even work for the government anymore. As
Human Genetic Manipulation

Just when you thought that the worst that scientists could do in genetics was make GMO-laden vegetables or two-headed snakes, a team in China has been able to manipulate the ultimate genome: that of humans. In a lab, they were able to alter a gene within a human embryo, something
Here’s everything you should know about China’s current social media landscape

It can difficult to follow the social media market in China at times because of how frequently the landscape changes. While Renren was the king of the market just a few years ago it has since been replaced by Weibo which itself has been replaced by WeChat. For outsiders looking
Xiaomi is on the fast track to surpassing Samsung and Apple

Considering how the company doesn’t sell any products outside of mainland China and a few other Asian nations, it’s no surprise that Xiaomi (pronounced “shou-me”) isn’t a brand name that many in the West will be familiar with. Even so, that hasn’t stopped news of the burgeoning Chinese startup from
Apple and Alibaba plan to rollout Apple Pay in China together

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is currently in talks with Apple to discuss the specifics of the rollout of Apple Pay in China. Alibaba says that it’s positive about the potential partnership with the American technology giant, which will focus exclusively on the Chinese market, but that it will depend on
More than 350,000 Apple users in China affected by malware attack

Apple prides itself on iOS’s anti-malware security and iPhone users frequently use this to bash Android’s issues with malware, one which affects numerous Android users. That may all change, however, as researchers at Palo Alto Networks have discovered a new program, known as WireLurker, that may prove to be a