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Mitsubishi 2015

Last year, the big story in the automotive industry from a sales perspective was Jeep. They shot past their competitors to post their best numbers in history just five years since their big drop during the recession. This year, Mitsubishi seems poised to be the comeback kids. Perhaps it’s wrong
Car Lots

The car business has gone through many shifts since the dawn of the internet. The old notions that car dealers are trying to “rip people off” have pretty much been completely removed from discussion. Today consumers have access to more information about cars and their pricing than any other industry.
Dan Akerson

Forgive him for being skeptical, but he’s been there, done that. Former General Motors CEO is skeptical about Apple’s desire to build cars and is warning them that they may be biting off more than they can chew. He would know. He was there through the ups and downs of
2015 Hyundai Equus

In a world full of very expensive luxury sedans from the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the Hyundai Equus asks “why?” Offering a full list of luxury features along with the ride that pleases and a style that shouts success the Equus shows up costing a lot less than the
Kia Trail'Ster concept car

Kia has become a name in quality. They have improved not only the look of their vehicles, but the way they operate as well. They have branched out to build cars that are a little out of the normal, but have had success in doing so. The Kia Soul has
2015 Ford Escape White

It’s hard to write an unbiased article about the first vehicle I purchased on my own, but I’ll try to put the Ford Escape’s place in my heart aside. It won’t be too hard. This definitely isn’t the Escape I bought all those years ago. It many ways, it’s better.
2015 Mazda5

As minivans go the Mazda5 is a very nice choice. In keeping with the aggressive engine lineups Mazda offers along with the outstanding size and handling that are present in their vehicles, the MAZDA5 offers a great deal of driving enjoyment, which isn’t normally something that can be said of
Kia Hamster

Every car dealership has their image or gimmick. Many actually use the cuteness or speed of a particular animal to represent their vehicles. For instance, the Ford Mustang associates the horse with the same namesake for its emblem. Why? Because Mustangs are known to be creatures that are very fast,
Expectations Run High for the 2015 Cadillac XTS

As the flagship vehicle from Cadillac, the XTS is what the world has come to expect and enjoy from this long standing luxury car maker. The XTS offers executive level comfort and posh style to carry along the social and business elite and offer ways for them to impress potential
2014 Chevrolet Impala

As the full-size sedan offering from Chevrolet, the Impala for 2014 is all new and ready to tackle any road thrown its way. As a very comfortable and a fan favorite the previous model wasn’t as popular due to a lack of fuel efficiency, but as of this year the