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Foxconn is reportedly preparing to supply Apple with sapphire displays

Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant that’s responsible for assembling the vast majority of Apple’s iPhones and iPads, has reportedly reached an agreement with Apple to build a new factory on a 300-acre plot of land adjacent to the company’s iPhone 6 assembly plant in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou,
Xiaomi claims it will surpass Samsung and Apple within a decade

Just a few weeks after Xiaomi surpassed Huawei and LG to become the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer, the founder and CEO of the Chinese electronics giant, Leo Jun, has predicted that, within a decade, his company will overtake Samsung and Apple to become the single largest smartphone manufacturer in the
Samsung strikes a deal with Apple to produce 80% of its A-series chips

A new rumor has sprouted that suggests that Apple has struck a major agreement with its chief rival in the mobile market, Samsung, in which the South Korean electronics giant will produce the vast majority of the A-series processors that Apple uses for its iPhones and iPads starting in 2016,
Proximity is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s iBeacon

Samsung launched Proximity yesterday, a technology that delivers content directly to people’s smartphones based on their location. This is the South Korean technology giant’s answer to iBeacon, the location-based content delivery system that Apple released last year, which the company claimed simplify payments and offers for retailers. According to ZDNet,
Apple and Alibaba plan to rollout Apple Pay in China together

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is currently in talks with Apple to discuss the specifics of the rollout of Apple Pay in China. Alibaba says that it’s positive about the potential partnership with the American technology giant, which will focus exclusively on the Chinese market, but that it will depend on
California judge allows iMessage lawsuit against Apple to proceed

A mere two days after releasing a tool which allows users to de-register their phone numbers from iMessage, a California judge has ruled that Apple will face a United States federal lawsuit over the issue, according to a report from Reuters, on the grounds that the company failed to make
More than 350,000 Apple users in China affected by malware attack

Apple prides itself on iOS’s anti-malware security and iPhone users frequently use this to bash Android’s issues with malware, one which affects numerous Android users. That may all change, however, as researchers at Palo Alto Networks have discovered a new program, known as WireLurker, that may prove to be a
Tim Cook believes that China is the future of Apple

On a trip to China on Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that  “it’s just a matter of time” before the massive country “becomes Apple’s biggest revenue contributor,” noting that, despite slow iPhone and iPad adoption among Chinese consumers initially, demand for Apple products in China has “been really off
Apple makes a plethora of huge announcements at its iPad launch event

Apple’s much-anticipated launch event went live in Cupertino on Thursday, with a plethora of announcements that will undoubtedly leave Apple fans drooling. At the event, Apple unveiled the iPad Air 2, the iPad Mini 3, a new 5K 27-inch iMac, an upgraded Mac Mini, and officially launched OSX Yosemite, which
Samsung decides to go it alone against Apple and IBM partnership

When battling a partnership of two of the biggest technology companies in the world, Apple and IBM, it’s best to team up with another company to help even the odds. Samsung doesn’t seem to want help, however, as the South Korean company has decided to take on the two tech