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Apple GPS

When Apple first rolled out their own GPS system with TomTom in 2012, the results were both humorous and sad. The company wanted to get away from using Google Maps, but the first attempt was an utter failure. Since then, they have been pushing for better results and today’s acquisition
Apple Watch

The Apple Watch sold out quickly. That’s not big news. What’s interesting is that people were buying them for others. An average of 1.3 watches were purchased by the 957K people who purchased them. Don’t expect that this will turn out to be gifting and goodwill amongst people. A good
Dan Akerson

Forgive him for being skeptical, but he’s been there, done that. Former General Motors CEO is skeptical about Apple’s desire to build cars and is warning them that they may be biting off more than they can chew. He would know. He was there through the ups and downs of
Clash of Clans

Anyone who has gotten into an iOS or Android game, only to find that they either can’t continue or can’t get the full effect of the game without buying things within the app can appreciate Apple’s latest App Store move. They are highlighting games that let you pay once up
Apple is preparing to destroy Spotify with its own music streaming service

When Apple acquired Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion last year, the company’s largest acquisition to date, it was getting more than just a ridiculously popular line of audio products, it was also getting access to an already established music streaming service. By using Beats Music as a base, Apple is
Apple patents new eye-tracking technology to combat the Troxler Effect

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent today, one that the company first filed for back in April of 2012. According to AppleInsider, the patent details a new kind of eye-tracking technology that would allow user to control their computer, smartphone, or tablet without actually
Details on the Apple Watch’s Companion app have been leaked

The launch of the much-anticipated Apple Watch is just a couple of months away and one of the biggest questions people have is how the smartwatch is going to work with Apple’s other devices. Fortunately, a report from 9-to-5-Mac may have finally given us some answers thanks to a bit
This simple hacking tool reminds us how important secure passwords are

Internet companies and security groups would be hard pressed to make people more aware of how dangerous it is to use easy-to-guess passwords such as “12345678” or “password,” and yet numerous people still do this. The “it won’t happen to me” mentality is probably the biggest reason for this, but
Xiaomi is on the fast track to surpassing Samsung and Apple

Considering how the company doesn’t sell any products outside of mainland China and a few other Asian nations, it’s no surprise that Xiaomi (pronounced “shou-me”) isn’t a brand name that many in the West will be familiar with. Even so, that hasn’t stopped news of the burgeoning Chinese startup from
New patents suggest Apple is getting serious about 3D mapping

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has officially published a series of more than 30 patents that were recently granted for Apple. Most of the patents seem to revolve around motion sensing gestures and a 3D mapping solution. Apple Insider also notes that many of the patents are