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Amazon wants local and state governments to stay out of drone regulations

Few companies have as much of a reason to be interested in America’s developing drone regulations as Amazon. The e-commerce giant is singlehandedly responsible for bringing the idea of delivery drones to the limelight, but thanks to the less-than-permissive regulations on commercial drone usage in the United States, the company’s
Everyone wants to cut a piece off of RadioShack's corpse

After nearly a century of doing business, it looks like RadioShack is on its deathbed. There was a time when Blockbuster was THE place to get your hands on movies and television shows and RadioShack was THE place to look for whatever electronics tickled your fancy, but those days are
Amazon is launching its own line of Prime-exclusive products

Amazon has announced its own line of consumer goods called Amazon Elements that will be available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. The new lineup, which currently only includes diapers and baby wipes, will feature labels that can be scanned by the company’s mobile app in order to find a plethora
Wal-Mart stores are matching Amazon’s prizes ahead of Black Friday

With Black Friday just a couple of weeks away and the holiday season just around the corner, retailers are rushing to prepare for the massive influx of shoppers that will be hitting their stores soon, and competition between retailers is starting to heat up. In response to this, managers of
Amazonian tribe makes first contact with the outside world

The Brazilian government has announced that it made a rare contact with members of a rare, isolated tribe in the Amazon, not far from the border with Peru. The indigenous tribe has reportedly suffered violent attack recently, as well as exposure to disease. The Amazon region, especially the Brazil parts