Ted Cruz Donald Trump Republican Establishment

In a case of picking the lesser of two evils, many Republican Establishment folks are getting behind Ted Cruz to be the GOP nominee. The people who attacked the Texas Senator with the most passion are now realizing that it’s better to support the anti-Establishment Cruz instead of allowing the
Ted Cruz Democrats

I’m that girl who still thinks Jimmy Carter deserved a second term. I’ve spent years apologizing for Bill Clinton’s lack of integrity by pointing to his positive policies. I’ve even defended Barack Obama, the most disappointing President I’ve ever supported. Twice. Now, I’m going down a strange and very different
Jared Fogle

From spokesman to convict, the life of Subway’s fallen hero Jared Fogle has gone from bad to worse. Recent reports say that his 15+ year prison sentence is having its toll on the convicted child porn distributor with the most recent noting that he was unable to avoid a physical
2013 Toyota Camry

Car prices for new cars are rising at a sometimes alarming rate.  In order to outfit a car with all of our must-have features, things can get incredible expensive.  Add in depreciation and the price of a new car doesn’t outweigh the expense in most cases.  For this reason, many
John Kasich Smiling

A campaign staffer for John Kasich was fired when news broke of his arrest for domestic violence. Some are saying it’s a black eye on the Kasich campaign at a crucial time in the Presidential race. This is wrong for two very important reasons.
Susana Martinez

Marco Rubio was once considered the best chance the Republican Establishment had of beating Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. That’s still the case (sorry John Kasich) but even as their best hope, his chances are approaching zero. That’s not stopping establishment types from throwing their name behind him even if
Donald Trump NeverTrump

First, he got won over those who are fed up with porous borders and the lack of enforcement of immigration laws. Then, he went after the anti-Muslim vote in the wake of the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. He targeted the evangelical vote, easily winning the “lukewarm” Christians who
Ben Carson Drop Out

Ben Carson was talking a big game ahead of the SEC Primary, claiming that Donald Trump would be surprised, claiming that he could come out of the matches as a winner, and claiming that he would carry on regardless of the outcome.This was all to be expected from any campaign;
Ted Cruz Save America

Donald Trump is a liberal. Those who support him point to his one conservative principle – building a wall – and use that to shield their own eyes to his liberal support of affirmative action, touchback amnesty, government-mandated healthcare, and unsustainable entitlements. After eight years of Barack Obama, the last
Rudy Giuliani Marco Rubio

I’ll admit that I was just becoming aware that I’m a Republican at the time that Rudy Giuliani was running for President. Heck, I wasn’t even in high school yet but I knew that I liked the man who was on television during my formative years when 9/11 changed the