All Things Firestick

In the day and age of streaming, the device you use is almost as important as all of your video subscriptions. It used to be that there were only a couple of options available, but these days everywhere you look is something new to make cutting the cord a little
Going off to College

For many parents, back to school time is a happy occasion, freeing your home from the ravages of bored children who have run out of things to occupy their time a month earlier. However, for some parents, it’s a little bit of a heartbreaker as they prepare to send their
Are meal prep services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Plated worth the money?

With the booming popularity of clean eating and the newfound excitement about farm to table and sustainable food consumption, it’s not surprising that more people are cooking at home. Pinterest has changed the game for a lot of people when it comes to meal preparation, but there are services that
Cooking is cool again

Is Cooking Cool Again? It used to be that you could watch a TV show about the late twenties or early thirties character and they were always jetting off to the latest hot restaurant to eat a fabulous meal. Things have changed, however, as more shows are featuring their characters
Technology Fail

Driving an automatic car is one of those things that you’re able to do forever once you get the hang of it, kind of like riding a bike. For the people in the world gifted with a talent for driving a manual, the world is their oyster. However, not every
Extreme Over Share

As summer wraps up, a lot of people are trying to squeeze in one last summer vacation. Awesome! Getaway before the kids go back to school and you’re bogged down with bedtimes and homework again, but please do not post your vacation on Facebook until you’ve returned. Even in this

As a social media manager, I have found it is my lot in life to answer people’s social media questions. I’m often questioned about how I pass the time from day to day. Do I just surf Facebook for a living? Do I really get paid to write blogs? Can
What Makes a Tesla Different

Automotive trends wax and wane, like the moon. Some disappear altogether, with barely a flash in the pan while others remain for long periods of time, and continue on with no end in sight. There are brands of cars that have posted record numbers for over twenty years on their
What is branding?

In social media, there are watchwords. They’re the latest and greatest in the field, and it’s usually the hottest of what you’re supposed to be focusing on. For many years, in this game, branding has been one of these buzz words. The focus on branding is one of the biggest
Grocery Delivery Game Changer: Amazon Acquires Whole Foods

Winner winner free-range chicken dinner, Amazon has just acquired Whole Foods as it’s own prized grocery pedaling possession.  After several months of unsettling rumors and closed-door big investor meetings, it was announced on June 16th that the keys to the organic food kingdom are being turned over to Amazon for