Keeping Your Kids Occupied in the Car

Traveling in the car is an experiment to detect the level of your patience, your sanity, and to test the strength of the bonds in your family. Nearly everyone has been on that never-ending road trip where it’s nearly impossible to keep the kids occupied. Dad won’t ask for directions,
Netflix Disney

Disappointment is a part of everyday life. Most people don’t really have a lot of choice in the matter as not everything is destined to go their way. Human beings live with letdowns in their careers for instance being passed over for a promotion for which they believed they were
Chevrolet Traverse

With the new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse that’s been developed to give you more of the quality features and items you want for the drive, the team at Chevrolet have taken the new Traverse and created something special to take to the SEMA show. This is the show that we see
When Youre Working For the Wrong Person

Who remembers what their first job was like? Were you a babysitter? Did you bag groceries or tear tickets at the local theater? Did you work in a clothing store strictly for the discount on clothes your parents wouldn’t buy for you? For many teenagers, the first job is a
Road Rules

In our society, there are laws and rules. Laws are those enforced by the police that we are certain to avoid breaking on a daily basis, aside from speeding when we’re late for work. Rules are a little less defined. While breaking a law can land you in jail or
Sleeping Without White Noise

Sleep, for many people, is elusive; it is the one goal many people fail to attain on a nightly basis. The pharmaceutical industry has made millions upon millions of dollars trying to coax people into a deep and satisfying sleep. Americans spend 13,000,000,000 (!) dollars per year on mattresses trying
Uber is taking to the skies!

The one area that we use for transportation that offers very little overall traffic compared to the available space is in the air. While roadways are congested and continue to grow to try and reduce this, the airways are open and a plane doesn’t need a special paved area to
Where Have All The Bookstores Gone

There was no greater thrill as a kid than heading out to the local bookstore and spending my hard-earned allowance on the latest books from my favorite series. The smell of the store, the feel of the books, and the thrill of heading home with new reading material all fed
Are Mac Computers Really Virus Proof

Computers have become a necessary part of our lives these days. That point has become non-negotiable as more and more of our business is done via the internet. Sure, smartphones and tablets are capable of performing a lot of the duties to which we’ve become accustomed, but they can only
Best Laptops Under 500

It wasn’t long ago that the most basic computer you could purchase cost thousands of dollars and gave users time to consume dinner while it connected to the internet. Back then, desktops were the way of the world and very little was known about the laptops. Has that changed or