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Social Media Bothers

As a social media manager, there are parts of my job that are a dream; like working from the comfort of my home in penguin pajama pants.  There are also parts of it that are indescribably irritating; the people that believe “Facebooking all day” is a job.  Of course, the

Social media can be a great way to connect with lost friends from middle school, keep track of the grandchildren, and even a great way to market and humanize your business.  In the business, we emphasize building your brand, and all of the social media channels are a great way

The Like button on Facebook has evolved to mean a number of things. Agreement, amusement, empathy, enjoyment, sympathy, and so much more can be expressed by simply hitting the Like button. It’s a way to express any kind of positive response to a post without having to take the time
Twitter Class Action Lawsuit

Twitter has always been known for its strong privacy policies and willingness to keep things secret from everyone, even the government.  A new class action lawsuit is attacking something in the system. It’s not the people. It’s not even hackers. It’s the algorithm that changes out links.
Social Media President

In a world quickly becoming dominated by selfies, citizen journalists, overnight internet celebrities and viral gaffes, President Barack Obama has quickly learned that if he can’t beat them, he needs to join them. Social media was never his strong suit or anything that held interest for him outside of his

Yelp is for sale. Officially, they’re exploring the possibility, but that means they’re for sale. The company feels like it’s at its peak and is ready to hit the open market. Who’s interested? The site and app are useful tools for both business owners and consumers. They allow reviews to
YouTube’s paid subscription service is launching later this year

Subscribers to Google Play All Access, which is Google’s answer to Spotify, don’t just get to enjoy unlimited music streaming, they have the added bonus of ad-free music videos on YouTube and the ability to download those videos to their mobile device for offline playback. All of this is thanks
Livestream Gaming

If you can’t join them, beat them. That’s not how the saying goes and it’s not exactly what YouTube is trying to do, but it’s close enough. The video giant attempted to buy Twitch last year but never came to terms. Now, they’re taking another shot at the live-streaming world
Here’s everything you should know about China’s current social media landscape

It can difficult to follow the social media market in China at times because of how frequently the landscape changes. While Renren was the king of the market just a few years ago it has since been replaced by Weibo which itself has been replaced by WeChat. For outsiders looking
Facebook drops Bing in favor of its own search tool

Facebook recently gave its Graph Search feature an update which allowed users to search the social network for specific posts, which enabled people to search for far more than just people. Up until a few days ago, web results were also displayed thanks to Bing, but Facebook has quietly removed