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Apple Watch

The Apple Watch sold out quickly. That’s not big news. What’s interesting is that people were buying them for others. An average of 1.3 watches were purchased by the 957K people who purchased them. Don’t expect that this will turn out to be gifting and goodwill amongst people. A good
YouTube’s paid subscription service is launching later this year

Subscribers to Google Play All Access, which is Google’s answer to Spotify, don’t just get to enjoy unlimited music streaming, they have the added bonus of ad-free music videos on YouTube and the ability to download those videos to their mobile device for offline playback. All of this is thanks
Amazon Kindle

The world is greatly divided when it comes to the e-reader vs. book debate, and it is a polarizing argument. There are people that argue passionately against the e-reader, citing all the amazing qualities of the humble book like the smell of the pages, the binding folding as the reader
Sapphire Glass vs Gorilla Glass

For a long time before the much awaited release of the IPhone 6, there was a hot debate about what kind of glass would make up the screen. Typically, Gorilla Glass is the way most cell phone manufacturers go, in terms of screens. However, as of the summer prior to
Livestream Gaming

If you can’t join them, beat them. That’s not how the saying goes and it’s not exactly what YouTube is trying to do, but it’s close enough. The video giant attempted to buy Twitch last year but never came to terms. Now, they’re taking another shot at the live-streaming world

It was an app. That wasn’t good enough. Now, Nike’s popular health and fitness monitor is partnering up with device makers to brings us more exercise joy. Their goal is to expand beyond being a plugin and actually being a destination device purchase. With Garmin, Wahoo, Tom Tom, and Netpulse
Android solidifies its position atop the mobile gaming market

Android and iOS are the undisputed leaders of the mobile operating system market with a combined market share of 96.3%. The likes of BlackBerry and Windows Phone are left fighting over the 3.7% scraps that Apple and Google leave behind for them. That dominance continues over into the mobile gaming
Steam now has more than 125 million active users

It’s easy to track users on consoles due to the fact that each console uses a single dedicated platform created by the company that developed the console. Microsoft can track how many active users the Xbox One has, what games they’re playing, how long they’re playing them, and so on
Did this risqué smartphone commercial deserve to be banned?

Kazam’s new Tornado 348 smartphone isn’t off to a very good start thanks to a recent ad that has been banned in the United Kingdom by the country’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) on the grounds that it was sexually suggestive and breached the Code of Broadcast Advertising. The ban came

For all of their ups and downs, one thing that can be said about Yahoo! is that they’re willing to try new things. Some have said that it makes it harder for them to develop a company identity in the post-portal world, but the fact that they’re still alive, kicking,