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Nvidia has finally released the highly-anticipated GeForce GTX 960

Nvidia released two high-end graphics cards last year, dubbed the GeForce GTX 970 and GeForce GTX 980, both of which were met with universal acclaim due to the insane performance-per-watt level that came from the use of the company’s Maxwell architecture. I actually purchased a GTX 980 myself during the
The Samsung Galaxy S6’s specs have been leaked

The closer we get to spring and the imminent launch of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the more reports and rumors we see regarding the Galaxy S6. While we don’t have anything definitive right now, BGR claims to have received photos and detailed specifications of the device from a trusted source
HTC is announcing its next flagship at MWC 2015 in March

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona has traditionally been on the most popular events of the year for smartphone manufacturers across the globe to unveil their latest products, particularly their flagship smartphones. That’s why we were so excited to hear that HTC will has started sending out invites to
Samsung promises a “flood of devices” powered by Tizen this year

There have been a cacophony of promises, rumors, and speculations regarding Tizen over the last two years or so, but 2015 is gearing up to be the year that we actually get to see Samsung’s homemade operating system. Not only has the South Korean electronics giant launched its first Tizen-powered
Google is testing out its modular smartphone in Puerto Rico

Remember Phonebloks, that interesting idea for a modular smartphone that popped up about a year and a half ago? If you need a refresher you can always watch the explanation video that introduced the idea, which was passed around quite a bit across various social media websites, but the gist
Details on the Apple Watch’s Companion app have been leaked

The launch of the much-anticipated Apple Watch is just a couple of months away and one of the biggest questions people have is how the smartwatch is going to work with Apple’s other devices. Fortunately, a report from 9-to-5-Mac may have finally given us some answers thanks to a bit
Samsung considers rolling out more Windows Phones in 2015

Windows Phone is the world’s third most popular mobile operating system, but it’s a very, very distant third behind the behemoths that dominate the industry: Android and iOS. This is why some of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers have only made half-hearted attempts at releasing Windows Phones or have simply
Xiaomi is on the fast track to surpassing Samsung and Apple

Considering how the company doesn’t sell any products outside of mainland China and a few other Asian nations, it’s no surprise that Xiaomi (pronounced “shou-me”) isn’t a brand name that many in the West will be familiar with. Even so, that hasn’t stopped news of the burgeoning Chinese startup from
New patents suggest Apple is getting serious about 3D mapping

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has officially published a series of more than 30 patents that were recently granted for Apple. Most of the patents seem to revolve around motion sensing gestures and a 3D mapping solution. Apple Insider also notes that many of the patents are
Robots won’t be assembling your iPhone after all

You may recall Terry Gou, the president and CEO of Foxconn, telling the world earlier this year that his company will soon be using robots to help assemble your iPhone. Well that might be a bit further away than previously expects according to Chinese economic website Jienam (via G for