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Google Search

Google has been very public about its desire to stay out of politics. They don’t want to lobby. They don’t want to interfere. They don’t want politics to interfere with them. Now, it seems that Google is trying to get involved without actually getting involved. They want to get their
Rand Paul on Privacy

Following in the footsteps of his father, Senator Rand Paul is focusing on privacy as a major component of his political profile. He hopes that it will translate into GOP victories this year and possibly help him if he runs for President in 2016. The idea is pretty straight-forward: young
Clay AIken Considering Running For Congress

Clay Aiken, the gay singer and runner-up for season two of American Idol, is “actively considering” running for Congress. Two Democratic sources familiar with his plans claim the singer is hoping to represent North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. The 35-year-old native of Raleigh, North
Don't Blame Republicans for Food Stamp Cuts. Blame Michelle Obama.

There’s a lot of buzz in New York City and around the country as food stamp allotments are being cut. While the majority of Americans want to blame the Republicans, this time it wasn’t them. This time, much of the blame can be placed on Michelle Obama’s pet project as