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Iraqi Christians

Without supporting Donald Trump’s call for a halt of all Muslim immigrants, the logic can apply to the refugee programs that are heavily weighted towards helping Muslims coming in through Syria. Their plight is unimaginable, but it’s not difficult to the same degree as the hardships, displacement, and murder of
San Bernardino Terrorists

If there was a way for the State Department to stop the San Bernardino terrorists from entering the country, it wouldn’t have been through the screening process. That’s the story from the State Department itself as they stand by their process.
Sheriff Joe

Both sides of the gun debate push harder whenever there’s an incident such as the horrific mass shooting in San Bernardino. Both sides feel justified in their perspectives. The left feels like gun control laws should be tighter. The right points out that in nearly all instances, there was a
The New York Times

Unlike many of my cohorts, I’m not one who instantly bashes mainstream media for everything they say. I believe that most journalists are fair in their hearts and only lean one way or the other, which is why it was shocking to see the NY Times take such an obtuse
Bobby Jindal Refugees

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wrote a letter to the president regarding the first wave of refugees his state received earlier this month. There have been some trickling in since January, but in light of the Paris attack Jindal is urging the President to pause the relocation efforts.
Palestinian Woman Knife Attack

One moment, you’re having a conversation with a 22-year-old woman. The next moment, she pulls a large knife from her purse and tries to kill you. That’s the situation in a nutshell in Israel. Meanwhile, mainstream media and world governments continue to call for a two-state solution that is completely
Ben Carson Media Attacks

The purpose of left-wing media attack pieces is to highlight the worst in a Republican candidate in an effort to take them down a notch. In the case of Ben Carson and several others this election cycle, the voters have responded in the opposite way by supporting their candidates even
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

The National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations, and even local law enforcement have used cell-site simulators, known as “StingRays,” to track the location and activities of cell phones in order to catch dangerous criminals and even terrorists. Why the Internal Revenue Service would need these devices to go after
Ben Carson Gun Control

GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson is coming under fire for, well, pretty much everything he’s been saying for the last month. The latest controversial statement pertains to the precedent of gun control laws coming before genocides perpetrated by governments.
US China Cyberwar

The attempts by the United States and China to forge the first ever cyberwarfare treaty is two things, neither of which are what they are telling the general public. On the surface and for the news, this is a great first step towards safety and security online and a representation