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Indian Postal Worker Has Name Cleared

Indian court cases can drag on for years, or even decades in some cases. Official figures suggest that more than 30 million are pending in Indian courts, some from as far back as the 1950’s. This is exactly what happened to Umakant Mishra, an Indian postal worker who was accused
U.S. jails and prisons use “The Loaf” to punish prisoners

For years jails and prisons have used bland, tasteless food as a way to punish bad behavior in prisoners. The food used to come in the form of bread and water, encouraging prisoners to remain well behaved if they wanted to earn meat and cheese, but in modern times the
Nando's Black Card Challenge

Nando’s, a popular restaurant that operates in thirty countries in the Anglosphere and the Middle East, ran a promotion over two years ago offering a black card to anyone who could prove they had eaten at every one of the firm’s 1,031 stores around the world. The coveted Nando’s black
Man spots thief who stole from him, throws a trident at his face

Sam Oliver Spence, a man from Hikurangi, New Zealand, has appeared in the High Court at Whangarei after being charged with for reckless disregard for the safety of others as well as wounding another man, Daniel Hill. Mr. Hill and an accomplice had broken into Mr. Spence’s car that he
Disk space.

For those of us embedded heavily in technology (which, let’s face it, is pretty much anyone who would read this blog), we often take for granted how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. Take a look at the image above and remember – your mind was
Suicide in College

There are plenty of stresses in the world. We start to face them the moment that we’re born when the need for warmth becomes very clear as soon as we emerge into the world. The pain starts there and continues throughout. It gets easier. It gets harder. One of the
Skype Together at Last

It isn’t common for companies that attempt to tell heart-warming stories to actually pull it off. Sure, they might get an “awww” out of the viewer, but it’s normally nothing that would get real attention. Skype’s latest story about Sarah and Paige are nothing short of brilliant. By video two,
Teen Text Use

It doesn’t take being a parent of a teen to know that they’re are texting a ton. It’s on the news regularly. There are studies galore that highlight it both as a shift in communication styles as well as being a problem, particularly when driving. In this infographic, we learn
A Breakdown of News Preference Demographics

Who’s watching what? That’s the question that the infographic below answers. Which shows do the wealthy watch? What about those with a high school education? Is it surprising that teens and twentysomethings watch Colbert the most while those over 65 watch Hannity and O’Reilly? Does it mean something that Economist
Kitties in a Basket

It may not seem like a buzzing topic. After all, GIFs have been around since the days of MySpace and have plagued the internet to the point that many hate them without knowing exactly what they really are. Of course, not everyone hates them. Google+, for example, seems to love