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Thailand Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha

Civil rights groups are screaming about a new law in Thailand that prevents public assembly or protests without permission from the police given 24 hours early. Those who break the law will be arrested as the government claims the law will be strictly enforced. “This law will be strictly enforced
Rubis Lamb Served to French

Lamb is a popular dish around the world and France is no stranger to the meat. However, they probably weren’t anticipating that the lamb they were eating recently might have had transparent skin that glowed in the dark like a jellyfish thanks to a mix up in the genetic modification
Turns out cannibalism may be good for your brain

The human body is as strange as it is fascinating. The way our bodies have evolved over the millennia to adapt to our environments and habits is simply mind boggling. What’s most interesting is the fact that, in many cases, it didn’t even take millennia for humans to evolve, or
Egg-Laying Hen Farm

Egg-laying hens have been the most heavily affected by the intense spread of the avian flu that has affected nearly 50 million chickens and turkeys since the outbreak began. Now, grocery stores are starting to limit the number of cartons of eggs that can be purchased by individuals to prevent
Waterspout hurls bouncy house off beach injuring 4 children

A waterspout came off of the ocean and went ashore on Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, lifting a couple of bouncy castles off the beach and hurling them into the air. Four children were injured, one seriously. One of the bouncy houses was lifted over fifty feet into the air. The
Conspiracy Theory Shirk

The 9/11 truther movement acquired a new enemy recently. Politicians, journalists, and everyone who laughs at conspiracy theorists are now joined by the Islamic State as people who are against the loosely organized groups that promote the concept of 9/11 being an inside job. In a case of reality imitating
Memorial Day Weekend Travel

When it comes to pre-summer travel, Memorial Day weekend is always one of the busiest, particularly for land travel. It’s not a long enough break for a full-fledged vacation, but many people will go to camp grounds, local relatives, parks, and other destinations associated with the long weekend. This year,
Apple HomeKit

If reports are to be believed (and that’s not always the case with Apple rumors) then Apple may be getting into the home management arena. The growing trend of “connected homes” is making it very appealing for tech giants, particularly those in the mobile device world. Apple seems to be
Bristol Palin

It sounded like a perfect match – a US Medal of Honor recipient and the famous daughter of a former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate. Now, the perfect wedding has been cancelled. Sarah Palin posted to Facebook that the wedding between her daughter, Bristol, and Dakota Meyer would not
Starbucks Mini Frappuccino

The ebb and flow of food sizes is ebbing down for many brands like Coke and Sonic. Now, Starbucks is joining the trend with a Mini Frappucino that comes in at 10 ounces compared to their previous smallest size, oddly named “tall”, at 12 ounces. They began testing it late