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Hyundai Elantra Sport

There are some cars in the compact sedan world that just look like they should be turned into sport cars.  They don’t have to be fully decked out, that might look a bit odd, but these cars could benefit from some added sport features and a boost under the hood
Crossover SUV

A couple of years ago, the American public couldn’t have told you the difference between a crossover, an SUV, or anything that fell in between, but now you can’t seem to get away from the crossover vehicle.  They’ve easily become some of the most popular vehicles in the United States,
Car Salesman Plight

You know that moment when one of your friends cracks a car salesman joke, and everyone laughs.  If you’re the car salesman, that moment sucks, just as it does for the lawyers, doctors, clergymen, and teachers about whom punchlines are made.  Car salesman are among the least trusted people in

When we’re considering the more important parts of our cars, of course we think about the engine, the transmission, headlights, and even the wiper blades.  We take strides to maintain these parts with oil changes, inspections, and fluid addition, but too often we forget about one of the more important
4-Door Camaro

When you think of the Chevrolet Camaro what comes to mind?  A high performance pony car that keeps getting better and has been around for many years would be a good answer.  Another acceptable answer is a car that represents Americana on an off the track as a steadfast performer
GT-R Skyline R36

Nissan has done a masterful job of keeping the GT-R relevant when it comes to exceptional power, drivability and gorgeous features that make it a high priced sports car we want to drive.  The GT-R has found its way to being a strong competitor with the Porsche 911, BMW M3
2013 Toyota Camry

Car prices for new cars are rising at a sometimes alarming rate.  In order to outfit a car with all of our must-have features, things can get incredible expensive.  Add in depreciation and the price of a new car doesn’t outweigh the expense in most cases.  For this reason, many

While we all feel the Prius was the first true hybrid car to come to market it actually was simply the first affordable hybrid model and many feel the electric car market was born out of the Prius.  This would seem to be a natural progression going from an all
2016 Subaru Legacy Silver

In the automotive world one segment rings true as the largest segment and it has for many years with no sign of stopping.  This segment is the midsized car segment that offers you the car that gives you a sedan to drive for every day commuting or a car that
2016 Dodge Durango

Set into the mountains of Colorado is the picturesque town of Durango.   The town touts a belief of open spaces and familiar faces, and has even adopted this phrase as their town motto.  The town isn’t what you’d expect as it resembles small town America, but is bustling with over