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LG reports record-breaking smartphone sales and impressive profits

With Samsung struggling in the smartphone market and Apple beginning to encroach on the traditionally Android-powered phablet market, LG’s smartphone business is doing pretty well, damn well in fact. According to The Wall Street Journal, LG Electronics has announced a record number of smartphone sales. The South Korean electronics company
Bank of America has agreed to a record-breaking $16.65 billion settlement

Bank of America and the Justice Department have finally reached a settlement, with Bank of America agreeing to pay $16.65 billion to end the federal and state investigations into its sale of toxic mortgage securities during the subprime housing boom, making this the largest settlement by a single company in
Sprint has given up on its attempt to acquire T-Mobile

Sprint, as well as its parent company Softbank, have decided that the regulatory barriers that they would need to overcome to acquire T-Mobile were too high, and will no longer be pursuing a merger between the third and fourth largest wireless carriers in the United States. Sprint and T-Mobile had
Goldman Sachs downgraded its global equities to neutral

Goldman Sachs downgraded its global equities allocation to neutral on a short-term basis on Friday, even though the brokerage remains overweight stocks for the longer term. The firm said in a research note it is worried that a rise in rates will drive stocks lower over the next three months,
The CEO of Walmart’s U.S. branch is making a sudden departure

As it grapples with sluggish store sales, Wal-Mart said Thursday that its U.S. CEO is stepping down and is being replaced by the head of the company’s Asia operations. Bill Simon, who has been in the role since June 2010, was a top candidate to become CEO of the whole
1211 Avenue of the Americas

Last week, 21st Century Fox confirmed that it had made a formal proposal to Time Warner in June to combine the two companies, a bid that has been valued at $80 billion. In order to lodge a higher bid for Time Warner, Fox is reportedly looking to sell Sky Italia
The London Skyline

The United Kingdom’s economy has finally passed its pre-2008 financial crisis peak and is set to achieve the strongest annual gross domestic product growth rate among the G7 economies in 2014, echoing earlier predictions from the International Monetary Fund. Growth will be driven by companies investing heavily in their businesses
J. D. Power Award Winners

Just a few days ago, J. D. Power announced the award winner for 2014.  We are all basically familiar with the J. D. Power and Associates awards, these awards are given for a variety of reasons, but mainly for excellence in customer satisfaction.  When a business is awarded with this