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Ted Cruz Tax Plan

The criticism of the flat tax model is that the average American would end up paying more as a result. According to Cruz, that’s not the case with his 10% flat tax. He says that his tax plan details that can be found on his website make a clear case
Israel Economy

In a master course on conservative politics combined with grade school level economics, Israel is demonstrating that cutting taxes to encourage spending and business growth can yield tremendous revenue for a country. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is heralding the tax cuts as an example of growth stimulation through improving the
Wall Street Black Monday

Not since the crash of 2008 has there been such certainty about the reasons behind last week’s and Monday’s world economic turmoil and Wall Street upheaval. The difference between now and then is that everyone today seems to be certain about conflicting reasons.
David Stockman

Former OMB Director David Stockman is warning that the bottom is on the verge of dropping out for stocks in Wall Street. While the business sector seems to be pleased lately, the most recent reports may signify that President Ronald Reagan’s former adviser’s warning may be true. Is an economic
Free Trade

If there’s one thing that Wikileaks has done very well over the years, it’s to hold governments accountable. The tables were turned with their most recent big leak as a 17-document dump on Thursday exposed the Trade and Serives Agreement as a way to lock liberalizations into global law, basically

When people think of America Online, those old enough to remember CDs with 1000 free hours of internet connections in the 1990s can reminisce about dial up speeds and taking hours to download things that take seconds today. Things have changed for one of the pioneers of the world wide
Whole Foods Market

Following the ebb and flow of investor sentiment is often a factor of fear when it comes to change. The more things stay the same in general, the healthier the stocks are. When changes come and people start selling, it’s often because they know that people are going to start
Keurig Coffee

Popular brands like Apple have learned over the years to keep the proper balance between exclusivity in some accessories and openness with others. As big as they are, they realize that they cannot keep everything closed off to innovation and must allow their users to have choices outside of their
Zynga Employees

Yesterday, Zynga announced two things: better than expected earnings and a reduction of staff by 18%. The first is a good indicator for a business that has struggled since going public so it makes sense that stocks would rise. The second means that a lot of people are losing their

They’ve been called “the most evil company in the world” and “protected by the prince of darkness” in publications that aren’t known for sensationalism or conspiracy theories. Then again, Monsanto has had a knack for escaping bad publicity in ways that would make any politician either jealous or terrified. Their