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Cherry Picking

Sales people often judge a customer the minute the customer walks in the door.  We all know the cherry-picker who walks in the other direction when someone comes in that doesn’t meet their expectations of a good customer. Internet representatives and BDC people often do the same based on an
Windows 10

Privacy has been a touchy subject for the last couple of years. Between Edward Snowden’s revelations, challenges with large tech companies like Google, and social media spilling information to companies left and right, parts of the general public and privacy rights advocates have been very aggressive with their attacks on
David Stockman

Former OMB Director David Stockman is warning that the bottom is on the verge of dropping out for stocks in Wall Street. While the business sector seems to be pleased lately, the most recent reports may signify that President Ronald Reagan’s former adviser’s warning may be true. Is an economic
2015 Dodge Durango

When the Dodge Durango first came out it filled a space in the SUV community that was left void and still continues to be an area many others don’t make their way into.  With the movement toward crossover SUVs and compact-crossover SUVs the supposed offroad vehicles have gotten smaller and
2001 Kia Sephia

Twenty years ago, there were a certain number of car manufacturers that were popular and some were virtually unheard of. Back then, some of our most popular manufacturers were nothing more than a good idea for a different option. Some were just beginning to get their name out there, while
Google is now testing its self-driving vehicles on public streets

Remember those adorable self-driving vehicles that Google showed off late last year? Well, the company has spent a few months testing them out in private, controlled environments and now feels confident that the technology is safe enough to begin conducting tests on public roads. Google announced as much last month
The age of plastic Legos is coming to an end

Legos have been one of the most popular children’s toys in the world for decades. For years, these plastic building blocks have given children a way to express their creativity and turn their ideas into an actual, physical creation. That’s why Legos have been so successful, and is also why
2016 Nissan 370Z White

When you look at the sports car lineup from Nissan you are considering either the GT-R or the 370Z. While it would be fun to drive the GT-R daily, it would also get tiring as the car isn’t built to be driven every day and lacks some creature comforts. This
Free Trade

If there’s one thing that Wikileaks has done very well over the years, it’s to hold governments accountable. The tables were turned with their most recent big leak as a 17-document dump on Thursday exposed the Trade and Serives Agreement as a way to lock liberalizations into global law, basically
Egg-Laying Hen Farm

Egg-laying hens have been the most heavily affected by the intense spread of the avian flu that has affected nearly 50 million chickens and turkeys since the outbreak began. Now, grocery stores are starting to limit the number of cartons of eggs that can be purchased by individuals to prevent