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Hyundai Genesis Affordable Luxury

The word “genesis” literally means the beginning of something.  For Hyundai, it may mean the beginning of their foray into the luxury car field.  While they’ve been pumping out high quality cars backed by the best warranty offered in the auto market, they’ve always been somewhat of a budget friendly
Twitter Class Action Lawsuit

Twitter has always been known for its strong privacy policies and willingness to keep things secret from everyone, even the government.  A new class action lawsuit is attacking something in the system. It’s not the people. It’s not even hackers. It’s the algorithm that changes out links.
2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

The saying goes many ways “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”, “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, and “don’t mess with a good thing” all of which simply mean when you have something that is working for you and giving you the results you want there is
Israel Economy

In a master course on conservative politics combined with grade school level economics, Israel is demonstrating that cutting taxes to encourage spending and business growth can yield tremendous revenue for a country. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is heralding the tax cuts as an example of growth stimulation through improving the
New Ford Ranger Bangkok

What ever happened to the Ford Ranger?  Unlike the GM twins of the Colorado and Canyon the Ranger did not get discontinued throughout the world, it did not take a break to develop new and better mid-sized truck technologies, instead it was discontinued for the US market even though it
Toyota's upcoming subcompact crossover

When you think of the terms “subcompact” and “crossover,” the thought that it could be mean is probably something that never crosses your mind. Add in the fact that the vehicle in question is a Toyota and you’re probably thinking it will be a tame little beast. You would be
2016 Toyota Tacoma New

It’s that time again; after a decade of the same model the Toyota Tacoma is finally being redesigned and will show up in 2016 as a brand new truck.  If you take a look at it from the outside and even set it next to a 2015 model you might
Wall Street Black Monday

Not since the crash of 2008 has there been such certainty about the reasons behind last week’s and Monday’s world economic turmoil and Wall Street upheaval. The difference between now and then is that everyone today seems to be certain about conflicting reasons.
Germany to Trade with Iran

After the Iran Nuclear Deal was signed, the ink was barely dry before Germany and other western countries were meeting for trade negotiations as a result of the sanctions being lifted. On July 14, 2015 the deal was finally reached. Less than a week later German Economy Minister, Sigmar Gabriel,
2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

When you consider what leaking information in the automotive world means the answer is normally a resounding “yes”.  When a picture of a new model is somehow inadvertently revealed to the press certainly right after the fact the company typically shows up to explain to the world what we are