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While we all feel the Prius was the first true hybrid car to come to market it actually was simply the first affordable hybrid model and many feel the electric car market was born out of the Prius.  This would seem to be a natural progression going from an all
2016 Subaru Legacy Silver

In the automotive world one segment rings true as the largest segment and it has for many years with no sign of stopping.  This segment is the midsized car segment that offers you the car that gives you a sedan to drive for every day commuting or a car that
13 Hours

In the upcoming movie, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, director Michael Bay will bring his famous brand of explosions, heroism, and more explosions that he’s made popular in movies like Bad Boyz II and the Transformers series. The difference this time is that Bay is bringing to the big screen
2016 Dodge Durango

Set into the mountains of Colorado is the picturesque town of Durango.   The town touts a belief of open spaces and familiar faces, and has even adopted this phrase as their town motto.  The town isn’t what you’d expect as it resembles small town America, but is bustling with over
Car Test Drive

You might feel it’s time for a new car either because your old clunker is on its last legs or the constant juggling of your schedules because you and your spouse share the one family car you own, but the importance of a proper test drive cannot be overstated.  How
The Death of Television

At an extracurricular bowling outing with some people at the office, an intern pointed at the television at the bar and told me that they would be going away, soon. The internet would soon eclipse it as the dominant force for delivering everything from news to entertainment to communication. Everything
Range Rover Evoque Convertible

So many of us sit around thinking the world needs a convertible SUV to have a complete lineup of vehicles, and now it’s a reality, again.  Most likely none of us actually thing that and hopefully this new convertible SUV will be much better than the somewhat failed Nissan Murano
2016 Chrysler 300 Blue

What do real car enthusiasts want in their cars?  Many of them feel they should have driving from the rear wheels even though most cars today are driven from the front.  The great feel of driving a car that is rear-wheel drive is exceptional compared to a front-wheel drive model
Ted Cruz Tax Plan

The criticism of the flat tax model is that the average American would end up paying more as a result. According to Cruz, that’s not the case with his 10% flat tax. He says that his tax plan details that can be found on his website make a clear case
Lexus Owner Benefits

Driving a luxury car is a symbol of prestige and elegance, thus the reason for the influx of luxury models entering the market.  For a long time, Lexus has had a reputation for catering to an older crowd, but in an effort to shatter that image, the automaker has made