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10 Tallest NBA Players Ever

Basketball players are, on average, the tallest sports players in the world. The reason is obvious – the rims on a basketball court are 10 feet in the air and height plays a major roll in one’s ability to get the ball in the hoop as well as trying to
NFL's Richie Incognito Represents a Formerly Undiscussed Challenge in Sports

We hear about the challenges associated with being in the National Football League. The damage to the body and mind during a long NFL career is heartbreaking in many ways. There have been those who say they wish they had never played. The other negatives associated with playing the sport
Michelle Pfeiffer

All young people are stupid. I don’t care how smart you are. As a kid, I was stupid. The worst part is that we don’t realize it until later in life. Celebrities are not immune to it. Michelle Pfeiffer got involved in a cult known as “breatharians”. They believe that
Interesting Facts About Baseball Travel

Baseball season may be over this year, but it’s baseball — it’ll be back in just a few months. When it comes back, you may want to consider planning travel around the country with a baseball theme to your journey. In this infographic by cheapOair, the pricing and other costs
Playing Cricket

For a sport that is so unknown in the United States, it’s amazing to learn that cricket is the 2nd biggest sport in the world. It seems a little like baseball, a little like hockey… or at least that’s how the images of the sport make it look. Truth be
2014 Toyota Camry

It’s only happened one time in the last decade and that was due to acceleration malfunctions that caused crashes. Now, the Toyota Camry has been bumped from the realm of Consumer Reports recommendations on their own. The Camry has been considered one of the most reliable cars ever made as
Casting Notes from "The Godfather"

Could you imagine Sir Laurence Olivier as Vito Corleone? How about Dustin Hoffman as Michael?¬†This page taken from Francis Ford Coppola’s notebook gives some insight into the mindset that went into creating one of the greatest movies of all time.
Car Sales

If there’s an industry that has faced the most pronounced highs and lows over the last several years, it’s the automotive industry. Many declared the business of selling cars dead just a couple of years ago as automakers were facing bankruptcy, recalls, and a rising gas prices that made many