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Samsung is making its own sitcom to lure in more employees

Samsung isn’t just trying to make its products look cool, it’s trying to make its jobs look cool as well. In order to do this, the South Korean company is launching “Best Future”, and online exclusive musical sitcom that will portray Samsung as a hip place that all South Korean
Female soccer players threaten to sue FIFA over fake grass

A group of some of the best women’s soccer players in the world are threatening to take legal action against FIFA, the international organization that governs soccer, for gender discrimination because of fake grass. The athletes are furious that the Women’s World Cup tournament next year, which will be hosted
Renowned anti-capitalist, Michael Moore, is actually worth millions

Filmmaker Michael Moore is again being scrutinized over his lavish properties and material wealth. The one-percenter who’s known for defending the disadvantaged went through a bitter divorce battle in which he and his now-ex-wife fought over their shared wealth. His neighbors in Michigan are even getting in on the drama.
Kevin Durant

Forget the rumors. Deny the speculation. As far as Oklahoma City Thunder superstar and reigning MVP Kevin Durant is concerned, there will not be a dominating force in the middle of the floor during any of the games they’ll be playing the rest of the playoffs, including today’s game 3
Ben Affleck

Actor. Political activist. Academy Award winning director and writer. Now, Ben Affleck can add outrageously good black jack player to his resume after being reportedly banned from playing the game at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The next Batman has been known as a strong poker
Scarlett Johansson

As a society, we have a distinct fascination with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Movie stars are always front and center in the public consciousness and make for great folly – good and bad – on the news channels. One of the aspects of their lives that we
Richie Incognito Racist

Richie Incognito makes a compelling argument. If the video below is the first time you’ve ever heard him speak, you were probably not expecting him to be as well-spoken and articulate as he is. You were also likely not ready for the politically correct set of talking points that Incognito
Hole in One

A hole-in-one probably seems next to impossible to most who have not ever hit one, but they’re more common that most people probably realize. Estimates show that there are 150,000 holes-in-one per year. Some people are better at getting them than others, of course; Mancil Davis had 51 career aces,
10 Tallest NBA Players Ever

Basketball players are, on average, the tallest sports players in the world. The reason is obvious – the rims on a basketball court are 10 feet in the air and height plays a major roll in one’s ability to get the ball in the hoop as well as trying to
NFL's Richie Incognito Represents a Formerly Undiscussed Challenge in Sports

We hear about the challenges associated with being in the National Football League. The damage to the body and mind during a long NFL career is heartbreaking in many ways. There have been those who say they wish they had never played. The other negatives associated with playing the sport